Brennan Newberry is a determined and passionate 22 year old racecar driver from Bakersfield, California. Raised by a large and close knit family, Brennan has grown into an accomplished individual on and away from the NASCAR circuit. Brennan was destined for racing well before he was born as his father was an avid speed skier and racecar driver. Growing up in the same town as Mesa Marin Raceway and multiple racing champions, Brennan dreamed about winning championships at the top echelon of the sport. With an incredibly supportive family behind him, Brennan found a need for success in all facets of his life. Graduating with honors from High School, Brennan took on the role of Scholar Athlete as he obtained his Associate Degree from Bakersfield College and is continuing his path towards higher education.

On the track, Brennan has earned success in a wide array of disciplines from go-karts to USAC midgets and from South West Tour cars to NASCAR Camping World Trucks. His plan is simple: win at all levels of NASCAR and become the best champion he can. Not only does he love to drive, but Brennan takes pride in working on his equipment and learning from his team members about how they can improve. On a rare weekend when he is not racing, you can be sure to find this driver at a track with friends and family.

A true student of his art, Brennan works with the best in the industry to keep himself at the top of his game physically and mentally. As an avid fitness enthusiast, Brennan can be found at the front of many competitions ranging from 5K Runs to Triathlons.

The always smiling optimist has yet to meet a stranger. You can be sure he looks you in the eye and has a genuine conversation when he talks to you. He loves to interact and connect with fans via his social media sites and is never shy to make a new friend. However, as soon as he adorns his helmet, Brennan quickly transforms into a fierce competitor. In his evolution as a racecar driver, Brennan continually strives to be the best – making him destined for success.